“Our district has been extremely misrepresented for decades! While political opportunists focus on policies that only benefit a small percentage of our neighbors, and run to have their last names up in lights, our beautiful district is horribly declining.

With limited access to fresh fruits and vegetables, very little food markets, an increase in unemployment, unsecure plans for our children’s schools and education, poorly funded substance abuse and mental health initiatives, and a steady incline in violent crime, we have to say GOODBYE to the “Good Old Boy’s Club” and welcome new ideas from new leaders!

We need advancements in our policies. Along with demanding full transparency and accountability from our elected officials, our local government, and our state legislators, it is TIME for progressive policies! It is time for us to focus on people-centered policies that will actually help our working families grow, and will allow our more vulnerable families to find sustainability.

We need representation not afraid to speak out and advocate for the resources necessary to increase your quality of life regardless of which area of the district you live in. We need a councilperson who knows the hardships of having to work, feed a family, cover medical expenses, and attempt to save for her son’s future. I am the Candidate who is fighting to represent you, because I will be the Councilwoman who fights to pass policy to protect you and your family’s quality of life.” – Tori Rose

Tori Rose is the Councilwoman WE Deserve! She is fair. She is dedicated. She is Committed to see change occur in her community and across the city at large. Voting for Tori Rose means voting for a woman who will continue to have her boots on the ground getting the work done for her entire community! Tori Rose loves her neighborhood and can be seen throughout District 7 shopping, eating, working, and connecting with others.

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