Learn where Tori Rose stands on the issues. (These responses are from the Maryland Voter’s Guide and came directly from our candidate.)

Background: What in your background and experience qualifies you to be a member of the Baltimore City Council?

Tori Rose: For over a decade I worked in the Federal Government advocating for the release of fair and timely disability payments for Americans with disabilities. I worked to adjudicate claims for families. I focused on revising policies and procedures that effected how Americans received their benefit payments and Medicare Parts A-D. I managed high functioning teams and developed thousands in the HR arena.

Crime: What specific plans would you propose to reduce homicides and violent crime in Baltimore?

Tori Rose: My plan for reducing homicides and violent crime in Baltimore is leveraging the Trauma Responsive Act to address and prevent trauma, especially when it comes to children in our city. I am working on a comprehensive plan called R.I.S.E. Rise allows us to Restore. Invest. Support. and Educate our communities by providing mental health care, substance abuse treatment, job and trade opportunities.

Education: How would you fund public education in Baltimore, while assuring the quality and ongoing structural maintenance of school buildings?

Tori Rose: I would fund public education and assure the maintenance of schools in Baltimore by supporting the Kirwan Commission and by asking for an oversight of the budget that is allocated to the Baltimore Police Department. If we reallocate the money going into the police department and shift it into education and facilities we can address the social, mental, and developmental needs of our students.

Health: What strategies do you have to address continued health disparities in Baltimore? What will you do to make sure that the Health Department has the resources it needs to serve all residents?

Tori Rose: The strategies I have are effective communication and the ability to create sustained partnerships. In 2019, I partnered with the Health Department to host an “outside the walls” resource event that allowed us to lay the foundation for creating a healthier Penn/North Community. We brought the resources into the streets and serviced the community where the people were. I will work to fund the BHD.

Transportation: What are your plans and priorities for improving public transportation to better serve City residents and employers?

Tori Rose: I will advocate for funding, partnerships, legislation, and the reestablishment of the red-line transit project. I will work to afford Baltimoreans the transit flexibility we all deserve. We need transit investment to provide access to jobs, to increase transit ridership, to stimulate the development of affordable housing, improve educational opportunities, and increase our resident population.

Climate and Environment: As we face climate change and sea level rise, what would be your priorities to increase sustainable practices by the city and to increase the city’s resilience?

Tori Rose: My priorities are to educate my entire community on community solar, clean water, recycling, lowering their environmental footprint, the dangers of incineration, and the importance of being environmentally conscience. I have been an advocate for environmental equity and justice and the more I work, the more I realize my community needs to be EDUCATED. I will work to pass environmental legislation

Housing: What strategies do you propose to remove or rehabilitate vacant buildings and provide affordable housing?

Tori Rose: I propose we use the R.I.S.E. initiative to remedy the overwhelming number of vacant houses and to provide affordable housing options. Restoring communities has to be a critical concern. My focus is on investment and sustaining vacant properties by securing the roofs and stopping additional water damage. Securing the properties would allow us to salvage them and not tear them down.

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